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Conceptual Orthopedic Signature Program

A Chance to enhance your knowledge & skill's in the field of Orthopedics

Conceptual Orthopedics Signature Programs are actually live events and workshops conducted in different parts of the country. These comprehensive programs are designed to equip aspiring orthopedicians with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the medical field.

Welcome to the Conceptual Orthopedics PG Course in Delhi – March 2024

Conceptual Orthopedics, in its relentless pursuit of excellence, proudly presents the fourth edition of the Postgraduate Clinical Course in Orthopedics. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Delhi, this three-day immersive experience, scheduled from 1st to 3rd March 2024, promises to be a transformative journey for budding Orthopedicians.

Highlights of CO PG Course
• 3 Day Course will cover different aspects of MS / DNB Exams
• Demystifying Orthopedicians’ Pandora Box – Master Basics of Clinical Examination
• Live Case Discussions, Final Diagnosis & Management
• Long & Short Cases on Hip and Spine
• Must-Know Radiology – Orthopedic Imaging – MRI, X-Ray’s & CT Scans
• What They Don’t Tell You in Books – Orthopedic Instruments & Implants
• Predicting The Unpredictable Entity and Solving Enigma – The Nerve Injuries
• Followed by Case Discussion on Nerve Injuries, CP, Polio & Hand Cases
• Pediatric Orthopedics – Short & Long Case Discussions: Overcoming Fear of Children
• Bone Tumours – Protocol and Case discussion
• Sports Medicine – Important Case Discussions
• Ward Rounds & Spots : A Forgotten Art
• Demonstration of Clinical Signs & Table Viva by MS / DNB Examiners
• Demonstration of Specimen & Braces
• eCertificates to all

The PG Course will be conducted by Our Legendary Faculty:
• Prof. Dr. S M Tuli
• Prof. Dr. Sudhir Kumar
• Prof. Dr. Anil Dhal
• Prof. Dr. Shantharam Shetty
• Prof. Dr. V. B. Bhasin
• Prof. Dr. Ravinder Dimri
• Dr. Shailesh Pai
• Dr. Raju Easwaran
• Dr. Faheem Kotekar
• Dr. Anuj Chawla
• Dr. Anuj Jain
• Dr. Jitesh Manghwani
• Dr. Vishal Huggi
• Dr. Rohit Prasad
• Dr. Apurv Mehra Along with many more faculties.

Why You Should Attend CO PG Course @Delhi

Conceptual Orthopedics, born out of the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic, has evolved into a comprehensive learning platform. Our commitment to providing top-notch education is unwavering. The success of our approach is evident through the continuous engagement of orthopedic residents and the extensive content available on our app.

Join Us in Delhi and Seize the opportunity to learn from the legends, refine your skills, and embark on a journey towards becoming a class apart in clinical practice. Be part of the only postgraduate clinical course this year, right in the heart of Conceptual Orthopedics.

Always eager to welcome you,
Dr. Apurv Mehra
Founder, Conceptual Orthopedics


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