Concepts of Clinical Examination in Orthopedics

“Concepts of Clinical Examination in Orthopedics” has been acclaimed by Prof. Dr. Anil Dhal as a masterpiece that embodies the transition of clinical examination expertise from past experts to future leaders.

Crafted by experienced orthopedic surgeons with stellar academic backgrounds, this book represents a culmination of over 500 years of collective teaching experience.

Positioned as a valuable contribution from India to the global orthopedic community, this book serves as a comprehensive guide for mastering clinical examination concepts in orthopedics.

Endorsed by Prof. Dr. Shantharam Sheety, the book aims to transform knowledge into skill and wisdom, emphasizing the pivotal role of clinical examination in postgraduate exams and clinical practice.

Concepts of Musculoskeletal Trauma Management

The book focuses on trauma management, a fundamental aspect of orthopedics crucial for every orthopedic student’s understanding.

It simplifies trauma management concepts, addressing day-to-day challenges and incorporating recent advances in the field.

Conceptual Orthopedics aims to enhance learning and practical skills in orthopedics, ensuring continuous improvement alongside students.

Dr. Shantharam Shetty’s foreword emphasizes trauma as the core of orthopedic surgery and praises the book for its comprehensive approach in educating postgraduates and practicing surgeons.

The book “Concepts of Musculoskeletal Trauma Management” is lauded for its role as a valuable resource for both postgraduates and surgeons, contributing to the development of knowledgeable and skilled orthopedic professionals.

The Orthopedic Theory Examination Book

“The Orthopedic Theory Examination” book by Conceptual Orthopedics aims to assist orthopedic students in preparing for theory exams confidently.

It provides a quick revision tool for residents in the last 3 months before exams, emphasizing a broad understanding of topics to enhance answers effectively.

The book includes previous years’ theory questions from major universities and boards, aiding in identifying potential questions and preparing comprehensively.

Use diagrams, flowcharts, and bullet points for higher scoring, ensuring a systematic and clear presentation of answers.

The book is structured for Papers 1, 2, and 4, with Paper 3 on trauma available separately.

Encourages students to persist through tough exams, advising against leaving questions unanswered to maximize chances of success.

Recommended as a valuable resource to be continually updated and personalized, serving as a vital tool for aspiring orthopedic surgeons.

Q Bank 2600 Multiple Choice Questions

Authored by renowned Conceptual Orthopedics faculty

Contains 2600 multiple-choice questions

Offers precise solutions when choices are abundant

Covers questions for all NEET SS courses

Access chapter-wise explanatory videos on the app for enhanced understanding

Pediatric Orthopedics

“Pediatric Orthopedics” book by the Faculty of Conceptual Orthopedics compiles years of clinical experience to offer diagnostic insights and therapeutic options for pediatric orthopedic issues.

Dedicated to Prof. Dr. Gopakumar TS, the book pays tribute to his invaluable contributions in educating generations about clinical methods and treatment modalities for pediatric orthopedics.

Acknowledging the significant advancements in pediatric orthopedics, the book emphasizes evidence-based solutions for deformities, congenital anomalies, neoplasms, and trauma in children.

Intended for postgraduates and practicing surgeons, this book serves as a comprehensive guide to the latest approaches in pediatric orthopedics, fostering deeper interest and expertise in the field.

Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty For Postgraduates

Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty for Postgraduates” by the Faculty of Conceptual Orthopedics:

Comprehensive guide covering Adolescent to Geriatric Joint Care Diagnosis to Treatment

Focuses on the essentials of arthroscopy, a rapidly evolving field within orthopedics

Emphasizes the importance of specialized training and skills development in arthroscopic procedures

Highlights the growing demand and applications of minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques

A valuable resource for fresh postgraduates venturing into the realm of arthroscopic surgery, providing essential knowledge and guidance for their careers

Established, Current & Emerging Concepts of SPINE

The book “Established, Current & Emerging Concepts of Spine” explores common non-traumatic spinal disorders and the increasing demand for orthopedic care, especially among seniors. It emphasizes the importance of understanding spinal disorders and injuries, advocating for non-operative approaches and surgical interventions when necessary. The book details operative strategies, common orthopedic spinal procedures, and the use of metal implants to preserve mobility and functionality. It aims to illuminate the intricacies of orthopedic care in spinal disorders and offers foundational concepts and clear goal-setting for effective learning.