Concepts of Musculoskeletal Trauma management

“Striving To Restore Form & Function Through Optimum Trauma Management” - Prof Anil Dhal

About the Book

Trauma forms the core and heart of orthopedics. Learning the nuances of biomechanics of musculoskeletal trauma, their planning and treatment is the very foundation of orthopedics, and every student of orthopedics must be well versed with this as Trauma forms the crux of every Orthopedic Examination hence it is essential to understand the concepts before they can embark on further journeys towards super specialties.

The book covers the basic concepts of trauma management, is easy to understand and simplifies the various mysteries and controversies around day-to-day trauma management and inculcates the recent advances in it.

Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America had once said “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”. We at conceptual orthopedics aim to do both.
So, keep enjoying, learning and practicing orthopedics and the team of Conceptual Orthopedics will always be by your side, learning and improving along with you. Because The Learning Never Ends at Conceptual Orthopedics
Dr. Harpreet Singh
Co Academic Director Conceptual Orthopedics

Foreword by Dr. Shantharam Shetty

I had the privilege of scripting ‘Foreword’ to many books authored by my friends and my students.  But penning down a foreword to this book by Conceptual Orthopedics on Trauma gives me immense pleasure.  Pleasure, because Conceptual Orthopedics in the last 2 years m has revolutionized the methodology and concepts of postgraduate teaching, not only to train them to pass their examination, but to inculcate the strength and vision to be sound orthopedic surgeons of tomorrow.

Trauma is the very heart of orthopedic surgery.  Understanding trauma is the very basis of progress of different branches of orthopedic surgery, be it be arthroplasty, arthroscopy or other branches.  With nearly 1214 road accidents occurring daily in India and at an average 415 deaths per day and ten times more injured, it is causing a physical, mental and even economic stagnation of the country with a loss of nearly 3.14% of GDP every year.

There are hundreds of books on different aspects of trauma.  But the book Concepts of Musculoskeletal Trauma Management as I understand aims as a ready comprehensive reckoner for the benefit of the postgraduates and practicing surgeons as well in trauma.

I congratulate Dr. Apurv Mehra, his whole team, Dr. Shailesh Pai and Dr. M. Faheem Kotekar for their untiring efforts in bringing out this book.  Conceptual Orthopedics is a family, let us march forwards, firm in our faith, sustained in our confidence in the will of God to bring out knowledgeable, hardworking and compassionate orthopedic surgeons of tomorrow.

Prof Dr. Shantharam Shetty
Pro Chancellor NITTE University
Chairman Tejasvini Hospital Group of Institutions, Mangalore

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