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Prof. Dr. S. M. Tuli

Prof. Dr. S. M. Tuli

As it is said, many mortals will like to climb the mountain at the summit at which the God of Orthopedics, Prof. Dr. S. M. Tuli is working. Majority of the Nation’s Orthopedic history would have nurtured under his era which is still progressing with sound ethics of Orthopedics…

Popularly known as the Father of Bone & Joint Tuberculosis

Feet on the ground, broad Shoulder, Chin high and humble gestures describe this legend for his contribution not only to Orthopedics but the entire doctor fraternity.

With more than sixty-four years of Orthopedics experience, His major contributions have been the evolution of “middle – path-regime” for treatment of osteoarticular and spinal tuberculosis, use of “allogenic bone grafts” for the reconstruction of bone defects, development of an extra-articular operation – glenoplasty (for shoulder dislocation) and immune-potentiating technique for MDR – TB.

Prof. Dr. Tuli has nearly 200 scientific publications, and contribution of chapters to the ‘Essential Surgery’ (WHO), Children’s Orthopaedics, (Churchill Livingstone), APLEY’s Orthopaedics (Hodder-Arnold) & Neglected Musculoskeletal Injuries (Jaypee BRO). Sir has authored books and to name a few, Tuberculosis of the Skeletal System, Practical Orthopaedics and Guidelines for Ageing with Health, Grace & Dignity.

 Prof. Dr. S. M. Tuli Sir founded the Department of Orthopaedics at Banaras Hindu University and also at the University College of Medical Sciences, UCMS, Delhi. He has established Bone Banking at BHU – Varanasi, UCMS – Delhi, and Vimhans Nayati – Delhi. Sir has examined 1000s of students in MS/DNB Exams. Many of his students have retired as Head of Orthopedics Department from prestigious Institutes. A heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the Revered Prof. Dr. S. M. Tuli, who still remains a living God for all the young budding Orthopedicians, for His unmatched brilliance, most humble nature, and power to revive life by His supreme wisdom in Orthopaedic science. 

Even after six decades of the professional journey, Dr. S. M. Tuli has not lost his passion for furthering Orthopaedic Education and as He says, “The Learning Never Ends…”

Career Achievement

>> 60+ Years of Experience 

He has founded the department of orthopedics at Banaras Hindu University and also at the university college of medical science, Delhi.

>> Renowned Author

To name a few are: Tuberculosis of the skeletal system, practical orthopedics & guidelines for ageing with health, grace & dignity.

>> Experienced & Specialist

He has more than sixty fours years of experience. Provided guidance to many. He has examined 1000’s students in MS/DNB exams.

>> 200+ Scientific Publications

With more than 200 scientific publications and contributions of chapters in the field. He has a great passion for furthering Orthopaedic Education.

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Prof. Dr. S. M. Tuli sir way of teaching is so wonderful and refreshing. His lectures are really well explained. I always enjoy every bit of his lectures. I’m thrilled to have found his video lectures! 
Ortho Doctor
Abhinav Tripathi