CO Trauma Course at Bangalore Dates: 23rd & 24th July 2022

Highlights of the CO Trauma Course Bangalore

1. Detailed understanding of the biomechanical concepts of fixation and bone healing
2. Case based discussions to learn what went wrong.
3. MCQs to gear up to any exams henceforth.
4. Concept based learning of various modules like stress strain, working length, stress distribution etc.

CO Trauma Course Day 1


Welcome & Introduction

0930 – 1000

Module 1

Fracture – Mechanics of Fracture? How does it happen?


Module 2

Stress Strain Theory


Module 3

How does a Bone Heal?


Module 4

Understanding the AO Classification and its Significance


Module 5

Biomechanics of Fracture Reduction & Fracture Stability




MCQ Discussion – 1


Module 6

Conservative Management of Fractures


Module 7

Soft Tissue Injuries and Management


Module 8

External Fixation Based Modules

Incisions and principles

How to Increase Stability

Conversion to Internal Fixation – Timing


End of Day 1

CO Trauma Course Day 2


MCQ Discussion – 2

1000 – 1030

Module 9

Screw Based Module

1030 – 1145

Module 10

Plate Based Module

Working Length

Angle Stable Construct

Stress Distribution Tension Band Principle

1145 – 1300

Module 11

Nail based module

Entry point / Reaming (femur/tibia)

Working length / Infraisthmic

Nail size and type / multidirectional screws / Poller



1400 – 1500

MCQ Discussion – 3

1500 – 1600

Module 12

Upper Limb Case Discussion


Module 13

Lower Limb Case Discussion


Feedback and Valedictory


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