OSCE – New Pattern for DNB Practical Exams

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OSCE – New Pattern for DNB Practical Exams

The pandemic has definitely changed various aspects of life leading to a new normal way of living in many fields. The medical fraternity overwhelmed by a never-ending stream of Covid-19 patients had to stop all teaching programs especially physical patient based learning sessions The same is in the case of exams and skill assessment of exam going residents.

National Board of Education has been in deep discussions on how to plan out a pattern of exams for evaluating the knowledge and training of Orthopedic Residents.

Earlier theory exam used to be conducted to assess the depth of knowledge of the residents and the clinical accumen and skills through practical examinations. 

However the covid pandemic has brought in the fear in all fields that has led to change in patterns of examination so that the examiners, patients and students can get involved in examinations at ease. As we all know change always comes with few difficulties. Last year, NBE board changed the pattern of DNB Practical Examinations to OSCE (VIRTUAL EXAMINATION). This created panic & anxiety amongst the students for not knowing much about the new pattern. 

Conceptual Orthopedics App was like a saviour during this crisis period for the Orthopedic Residents helping to bridge the gap of clinical learning as our team of doctors chose to become teachers during the pandemic. The response from the students was ecstatic which is evident from the attendance that we had during our live interactive sessions. These live sessions are made available in the app so that students can revise the discussions at their convenience and also helped those who had missed these live sessions. The archived teaching sessions in our app allowed the residents to perform well and finally efforts of the whole team and the students ended with great results something that has never happened in the history of DNB exams.

With the recent DNB practicals round the corner, the Conceptual Orthopedics team is once again on its toes to provide maximum guidance and knowledge to its students so as to repeat the history again despite of frequently changing exam patterns. Our Senior professors who have also been examiners for several years have come forward to share their inputs & views about the new pattern and the advantages and flaws associated with it. 

Checkout The List of OSCE Stations prepared by the most eminent faculties across the globe. These lectures are easily accessible for quick review of any topic that the student may like. He can listen to the lectures of our world class faculty anywhere and anytime he wishes to.

List of OSCE Stations in the App

  • Introduction (Dr. Apurv Mehra)
  • 2.DNB New Exam Pattern March 2021 (Dr. Shailesh Pai & Dr. Apurv Mehra)
  • New Pattern of OSCE Questions
  • COVID in Orthopedics (Dr. Farhan and Dr. Faheem)
  • Who is Who (Dr. Apurv Mehra)
  • Shoulder (Dr. Harpreet Singh)
  • Elbow, Forearm & Wrist (Prof. Dr. Sudhir Kumar & Dr. Harpreet Singh)
  • Hands Part 1 (Prof. Anil Dhal)
  • Hands Part 2 (Prof. Anil Dhal)
  • Spine (Cold) (Dr. Apurv Mehra and Dr. Jitesh Manghwani)
  • Hip (Dr. Ashish Taneja and Dr. Apurv Mehra)
  • Knee (Prof. VB Bhasin & Dr. Ashish Taneja)
  • Foot & Ankle (Cold) (Prof. Anil Dhal and Dr. Anuj Chawla)
  • Nerves (Prof. Anil Dhal)
  • Peds Ortho Part 1 (Prof. Ajith Kumar)
  • Peds Ortho Part 2 (Prof. Gopa Kumar)
  • Syndromes (Dr. Apurv Mehra)
  • Surgical Approaches (Dr. Shailesh Pai)
  • Amputations (Dr. Shailesh Pai)
  • Upper Limb Trauma (Prof. Dr. Shantaram Shetty)
  • Shoulder (Dr. Shailesh Pai)
  • Cervical Spine Fractures (Dr. Jitesh Manghwani & Dr. Apurv Mehra)
  • Thoracolumbar Fractures (Dr. Jitesh Manghwani)
  • Pelviacetabular (Dr. Shailesh Pai)
  • Lower Limb Trauma (Prof. Shantaram Shetty)
  • Foot and Ankle (Dr. Shailesh Pai & Dr. Anuj Chawla)
  • Peds Trauma (Dr. Shailesh Pai & Dr. Faheem Kotekar)
  • Arthritis (Dr. Apurv Mehra & Dr. Suvrat Arya)
  • Metabolic Disorders (Prof. Dr. Sudhir Kumar)
  • Tumor 1 (Dr. Vivek Verma & Dr. Apurv Mehra)
  • Tumor 2 (Prof. Mayil Natarajan and Dr. Vivek Verma)
  • Osteology (Dr. Zeeshan Muzahid T and Dr. Harpreet Singh)
  • X-rays (Prof. SM Tuli)
  • Important X-Rays (Prof. SM Tuli & Dr. Apurv Mehra)
  • Instruments (Dr. Shailesh Pai)
  • Implants (Dr. Shailesh Pai)
  • Principles of Plating (Dr. Shailesh Pai)
  • Specimen (Dr. Apurv Mehra)
  • Biostatistics (Dr. Abhinav Jogani)
  • Arthroscopy (Prof. VB Bhasin & Dr. Harpreet Singh)
  • Arthroplasty 1 (Prof. Ajith Kumar, Dr. Ashish Taneja and Dr. Vishal Huggi)
  • Arthroplasty 2 (Prof. S S Mohanty)
  • Physiotherapy OSCE (Dr. Meena Makhija)
  • Orthotics (Dr. Yogesh Gowda)
  • Prosthesis (Dr. Yogesh Gowda)
  • Clinical Signs Upper Limb (Dr Gopa Kumar)
  • Clinical Signs Lower Limb (Prof. Gopa Kumar)
  • Spine Signs and Imaging (Prof. Gopa Kumar)
  • How the OSCE is Conducted in UK (Dr. Nandan Marathe)
  • OSCE in UK – Hand (Dr. Akshay Malhotra)
  • Clinical Signs Upper Limb (Prof. Dr. Shantharam Shetty)
  • OSCE Clinical Signs Lower Limb (Dr. Ajith Kumar)
  • OSCE Interactive Session (Prof. Dr. Gopa Kumar, Dr. Ravinder Dimri and Dr. Faheem Kotekar)

OSCE Mock Tests With Solutions

  • OSCE Mock Test 1 (Dr. Apurv Mehra)
  • OSCE Mock Test 1 with Solutions (Dr. Apurv Mehra)
  • OSCE Mock Test 2 (Dr. Shailesh Pai)
  • OSCE Mock Test 2 with Solutions (Dr. Shailesh Pai)
  • OSCE Mock Test 3 with Solutions (Dr. Ravinder Dimri) Part 1
  • OSCE Mock Test 3 with Solutions (Dr. Ravinder Dimri) Part 2
  • OSCE Mock  Test 3 with Solutions (Dr. Ravinder Dimri) Part 3
  • OSCE Mock Test 4 with Solutions

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