Orthopedics Oncology Course

2-day online programme
Date: March 30th to 31st
Time: 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

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Enhance your course experience with these core features:

– Specialized focus on Orthopedics Oncology
– Comprehensive coverage from fundamental to advanced topics
– Opportunity to elevate knowledge in Orthopedic Oncology for enhanced clinical skills
– Learn from leading doctors in the field
– Engaging interactive case discussions to deepen understanding and application of concepts

Topics will be covered including session on Orthopedics Oncology as a career

– Radiology Applications in Orthopedics Oncology
– Pathological Insights in Orthopedics Oncology
– Approaches in Orthopedics Oncology Practices
– Biopsy Procedures in Orthopedics Oncology
– Managing Benign Bone Tumors in Orthopedics Oncology
– Advanced Techniques in Limb-Saving Surgeries for Orthopedics Oncology
– Utilizing ECRT (Extra Corporal Radiotherapy) in Orthopedics Oncology
– Insights into APC (Alloprosthesis Composite) and 3D Implants in Orthopedics Oncology
– Exploring Recent Innovations in Orthopedics Oncology
– Modular Prosthesis for Orthopedics Oncology Applications

Reasons to Attend the Course:

– Gain vital skills for effective patient management in both emergency and outpatient scenarios
– Essential preparation for examinations
– Engage in an informative and captivating learning journey tailored for all participants

Faculty for Orthopedics Oncology

1. Dr. Abhijeet Salunke: Orthopedic Oncology surgeon and Innovator at Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, Ahmedabad. Patent holder advancing cancer care with 3D printing, AR, and VR.
2. Dr. Vivek Ajit Singh: Graduated from University Malaya in 1994 with a Master’s in Orthopedics Surgery in 2001, receiving the Subramaniam Gold Medal Award for academic excellence.
3. Dr. Vivek Verma – Associate Director & Head of Orthopedics Oncology and Reconstructive Surgeries at Max Hospitals (Delhi/NCR), Teacher & Mentor.

This comprehensive program promises to be both informative and engaging, offering valuable insights and updates in the field of Orthopedics Oncology.
Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and connect with experts in the field.

Orthopedics Oncology Course Schedule