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Dr. Naufal Nahas

After finishing his MBBS from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Dr Naufal Nahas was fortunate to join the orthopedics department at the prestigious Kasturba Medical College at Manipal, Udupi. There he completed his three years of residency under various units during which he was exposed to hand surgery, microsurgery, spine surgery, trauma management, sports injury and arthroplasty. He was fortunate to be trained by great teachers like Prof. S.P Mohanty, Prof. Sharath K Rao and Prof Anil K Bhat at the MAHE university. His work on the rare upper limb deficiency, the Radial Club Hand was widely accepted and well appreciated among hand surgeons at the ISSHCON conference held at Ranchi in 2017 and also fetched him the ‘Best Thesis Award’ at the state conference of Karnataka, KOACON 2017. Later on in 2018, the same was accepted and published in the Journal of Hand Surgery, American edition.

During his residency, he developed immense interest for Joint Replacements. Following his residency, he moved to New Delhi to pursue further training under Prof. Anil Arora where he improved his skills on Total Knee and Hip replacements. It was there he met his mentor, Dr Apurv Mehra who gave him the confidence and helped him escalate his skills to international standards. With Dr Apurv Mehra, he has been serving the people of East Delhi and providing excellent care in the field of orthopaedics. 

Now, Dr Naufal Nahas works as a Consultant in association with Max group of hospitals and is a Faculty at Conceptual Orthopedics. His style of teaching and interactions with the students have improved their confidence. He has contributed a lot in field of academics along with Conceptual Orthopedics, helping in writing theory notes, examination book and the MCQ book in orthopedics

Contribution to Conceptual Orthopedics

Dr Naufal Nahas has been associated with the Conceptual Orthopedics since 2020. He has great contribution in preparing the theory notes of the app. His way of interaction with the students boost confidence in them and help them shed their fears and come to the forefront. He was kind enough to demonstrate the Total Knee Replacement on a saw bone model, the video of which has been uploaded in the app and was widely accepted. His contribution to the conducting of the Paediatric Trauma Course and the Sports Injury Course was immense. His videos on painting and draping was useful for many residents towards the completion of their first year residency. He tries to select topics which are confusing and with the help of the senior faculty clears the same for the students. There was also immense contribution from him on compiling the Conceptual Orthopedics books.

Students learn from Conceptual Orthopedics

At Conceptual Orthopedics we try to cater every possible knowledge we have acquired through our experience in the field of orthopaedics. By using this app any student who enters this wonderful branch can learn every possible topic related to orthopedics. The student is at the advantage of gaining this knowledge despite the institution he/she does his/ her post-graduation. This allows the student to learn and even enjoy the subject despite the stressful environments he has to work in. the resident doesn’t have to run to any library leaving their duties and responsibilities as a doctor to learn. They can utilize every bit of free time they get while executing their duties, clarifying each and every doubt they encounter at the swipe of their fingers. The aim is not only clearing their exams but also help them and guide them in the right path so that they have a clear idea and interest in one particular area so as to become better doctors as well as better human beings.

Like Prof Anil Dhal rightly said. “The students need not worry about the institute at which they are doing their post-graduation as long as they have the Conceptual Orthopedics app with them. As the English proverb says ‘Born with a Silver spoon’ but with Conceptual Orthopedics, one has the opportunity to acquire a Golden spoon”.

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Dr. Naufal Nahas , sir way of teaching is so wonderful and refreshing. His lectures are really well explained. I always enjoy every bit of his lectures. I’m thrilled to have found his video lectures! 
Ortho Doctor
Abhinav Tripathi