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CO Trauma Foundation Course At Mumbai

Conceptual Orthopedics is thrilled to announce the arrival of our highly anticipated CO Trauma Foundation Course in your city, Mumbai. Taking into consideration the importance of accessibility for all students, we have scheduled the CO Trauma Foundation Course at the renowned Ramee Guestline in Dadar on the 9th and 10th of September.

Our esteemed trauma team, comprising Dr. Shantaram Shetty, Dr. Ajith Kumar, Dr. Shailesh Pai, Dr. Faheem Kotekar, and Dr. Vishal M. Huggi, alongside our renowned Senior Teachers – Prof. Dr. SM Tuli Sir, Prof. Dr. Sudhir Kumar Sir, Prof. Dr. Anil Dhal Sir, Dr. Ravinder Dimri Sir – have collaboratively developed a structured course designed to benefit postgraduates in the field of Orthopedics.

The idea of bringing our course to different cities, as suggested by Dr. Bhasin, aims to bridge the gap between students and our esteemed faculty, allowing us to connect with aspiring orthopedic professionals more closely.

The CO Trauma Foundation Course will include –

  1. Discussions – Discussions on how the bone fractures and heals and Mechanobiology (in detail)
  2. Module-Based Learning – Plates, Nails, Screws, Ex fix.
  3. Case Discussions – Case-Based Discussions, if you have not seen the complications, you have not done enough. That’s a classical thing in the orthopedic profession.
  4. Workbook
  5. Live Interaction with the Teachers

This exclusive course is available to Premium Subscribers, ensuring your eligibility to attend. It’s important to note that the CO Trauma Foundation Course is a prerequisite for the upcoming Pinnacle Course scheduled to take place later in Delhi. Only those who have attended this foundation course will be permitted to participate in the pinnacle course.


At Mumbai–

Course Venue:

Ramee Guestline Dadar, Mumbai

Last, but not least, Dr. Apurv Mehra on behalf of the entire team of Conceptual Orthopedics would like to thank our students for bestowing us with their love, trust, and support. It would not have been possible without the able guidance of our teachers and mentors headed by Prof. Dr. S.M. Tuli, Prof. Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Prof. Dr. Anil Dhal, Prof. Dr. V.B. Bhasin, Prof. Dr. Shantaram Shetty, Dr. Ravinder Dimri, Dr. Ajith Kumar, Dr. Harpreet Singh, Dr. Shailesh Pai, Dr. Faheem Kotekar, Dr. Naufal Nahas and many more.

The CO Trauma Course is a fantastic opportunity for postgraduate students of Orthopedics to learn from the renowned faculty of Conceptual Orthopedics. We encourage all eligible premium subscribers to enroll in this course and prepare themselves for the upcoming CO Trauma Pinnacle Course. The CO Trauma Foundation Course will act as the foundation course for the upcoming CO Trauma Pinnacle Course and hence is necessary to attend.

Thank you very much.
All the very best.

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CO Foot and Ankle Course Happening on 23rd – 24th September

Foot and ankle region is a complex anatomical structure that comprises of 28 bones (including tibia and fibula), 35 joints and more than 100 ligaments, tendons and nerves. It is important to understand the mechanics of the foot and ankle region as effect on one structure can secondarily alter all the other adjoining parts.

Foot and ankle as a subspecialty is one of the most sought-after branches in the field of orthopedics in the west. Despite being in such demand in the developed nations, the branch is still in infancy in India because of lack of adequate training during the foundation years. The teaching if any, even in the best of the centers in our country is limited to trauma, foot drop and post-polio residual paralysis.

To bridge that gap and improve the awareness of this specialty in the minds of young orthopedic surgeons, we at Conceptual Orthopedics are coming up with a foot and ankle course designed for young orthopedic surgeons including PG and DNB residents.

What differentiates this course from the other courses you might have heard of/attended is that it completely focuses on untouched terrain of “cold/elective foot and ankle topics” that most of the students are generally not taught in their residency period. It will be a 2-day, 4-hour each academic extravaganza on 23rd-24th September 2023.

We will be teaching a multitude of topics in foot and ankle from basics like examination, biomechanics, and radiology to the more core topics like pes planus, ankle sprains and instability, ankle impingement, achilles tendinopathy & plantar fasciitis and diabetic foot & charcot arthropathy.

Apart from this, we are having a special 2-hour session in which one we will be presenting short cases and stimulate exam-based and treatment-based discussion. The faculty of the course are the best in their field from UK and Singapore.

We hope that with this course, we improve your knowledge about the common foot and ankle conditions and help you in managing these patients well in your orthopedic practice.

See you on 23rd and 24th September at the Conceptual Foot and Ankle Course!”

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Pediatric Orthopedic Book

The enthusiastic Faculty of Conceptual Orthopedics have collected their knowledge related to Orthopedic problems during childhood and compiled it in the form of the book ‘Pediatric Orthopedics’. The book is based upon the years of clinical experience of the faculty to offer appropriate diagnostic modalities, and balanced therapeutic options for the benefit of Orthopedic fraternity and the public at large.

Pediatric Orthopedic book is a Tribute to our Beloved Teacher, Prof. Dr. Gopakumar TS.
Throughout his professional career and during his association as a faculty of Conceptual Orthopedics, Prof. Dr. Gopakumar TS advocated and educated the younger generations’ clinical methods, investigational options and therapeutic modalities which deemed most appropriate particularly for Pediatric Orthopedic problems.

Dr. Gopakumar was a very calm and quiet person and had an excellent reputation as a teacher. His contribution to Conceptual Orthopedics has been tremendous and the lectures delivered evolved with clear concepts to the students. We, the family of Conceptual Orthopedics, will ever remain indebted to him.

Why this book on Pediatric Orthopedics?

Pediatric Orthopedics is the main light and strength of orthopedics today. The strides and development made in this field far surpasses other fields of orthopedics; making a definite impact on the correction of deformities, congenital anomalies, dysplasias , neo-plasms and of course trauma in children. This book has dealt with the latest evidence-based solutions to the above. This book will be a solution solving book, not only for postgraduates but to the practicing surgeons as well.

We hope this book would help students develop deep interest in Pediatric Orthopedics, so that more students opt for this branch and provide best treatment to these patients. Let us all follow the lines of Prof. Dr. S.M. Tuli – The Learning Never Ends