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Registration Open For The Most Awaited<br><font size="5">CO PG Course @ Delhi</font size><br><font size="4">Dates: 11th, 12th & 13th November 2022</font size>

CO PG Course

Registration Open For The Most Awaited
CO PG Course @ Delhi
Dates: 11th, 12th & 13th November 2022

As the saying goes, “A doctor is like a sailor, if he has not seen his patients, it means this sailor has not seen the ocean at all”.

The first-ever live offline course conducted on the 12th, 13th,and 14th of November 2021 at Delhi was a dream come true for the entire team. All seats were booked and registrations closed. The 3 Day Course was a Grand Success, where we covered one day of Trauma and 2 days of Case Presentations, young trainees got the opportunity to interact one on one with our experienced faculty to clear their curiosity regarding case presentations, right approach to treatment, the gold standards and also about the future and scope of orthopedics. The Course ended on a positive note, with trainees carrying home a large smile of contentment, sparkling eyes of achievement, and a sense of fulfilment.

Highlights of CO PG Course
  • 3 Day Course will cover different aspects of MS / DNB Exams
  • Demystifying Orthopedicians’ Pandora Box – Master Basics of Clinical Examination
  • Live Case Discussions, Final Diagnosis & Management
  • Long & Short Cases on Hip and Spine
  • Must-Know Radiology – Orthopedic Imaging – MRI, X-Ray’s & CT Scans
  • What They Don’t Tell You in Books – Orthopedic Instruments & Implants
  • Predicting The Unpredictable Entity and Solving Enigma – The Nerve Injuries
  • Followed by Case Discussion on Nerve Injuries, CP, Polio & Hand Cases
  • Trauma – Basics & Demonstrations, Short Case Discussions & Surgical Approaches
  • Pediatric Orthopedics – Short & Long Case Discussions: Overcoming Fear of Children
  • Bone Tumours – Protocol and Case discussion
  • Sports Medicine – Important Case Discussions
  • Ward Rounds & Spots : A Forgotten Art
  • Demonstration of Clinical Signs & Table Viva by MS / DNB Examiners
  • Demonstration of Specimen & Braces
  • Mock Exam
  • Books Autographed by its Authors
  • Certificates to all
The PG Course will be conducted by Our Legendary Faculty:
  • Prof. Dr. S M Tuli
  • Prof. Dr. Sudhir Kumar
  • Prof. Dr. Anil Dhal
  • Prof. Dr. Shantharam Shetty
  • Prof. Dr. Gopa Kumar
  • Prof. Dr. V. B. Bhasin
  • Prof. Dr. Ravinder Dimri
  • Dr. Shailesh Pai
  • Dr. Raju Easwaran
  • Dr. Faheem Kotekar
  • Dr. Maninder Singh Shah
  • Dr. Naufal Nahas
  • Dr. Anuj Chawla
  • Dr. Mrinal Sharma
  • Dr. Anuj Jain
  • Dr. Jitesh Manghwani
  • Dr. Rohit Prasad
  • Dr. Apurv Mehra

Along with many more faculties.

Please Note:
  1. The Course is Exclusively For Conceptual Orthopedics Premium Subscribers
  2.  Premium Subscribers who are interested to attend the course need to pay Confirmation Amount, which will be refunded back after attending the Complete 3 Day Course
  3. There are total 200 Refundable Seats. So registration is on first come first serve basis.
    Registration of Refundable Seats will be closed without any prior notice once slots are full.
Course Fees:

The Fees for the Registration of CO PG Course will be announced shortly.

Points To Know About Registration Fees:
For Premium Subscribers

  1. Registration Confirmation Fees is applicable to all Premium Subscribers interested in
    attending CO PG Course
  2. Refund Amount will be processed back into the account only on successful completion of 3 Day PG Course.
  3. There is No Refund Policy for any other ground or reason or for not being able to attend or for not attending the course.

P.S: Refund Process for Refundable Seats will start from 1st December 2022

Only 200 Refundable Seats Available (Registration is on First Come First Served Basis)

Pre-Registration Form To Be Filled by Only Interested Conceptual Orthopedics Premium

P.S: Being a Premium Subscriber does not guarantee you a seat in CO PG Course.
As Registration to the CO PG Course is on a first come first served basis

For Any Query Please Feel Free To Contact At Our Helpdesk: 9999664864 | 9999123647

Looking forward to meeting you,
Dr. Apurv Mehra
Conceptual Orthopedics

Please Note:
  1. Since there are only 200 Refundable Seats, Registration to PG Course @Delhi can be closed anytime without any prior notice.
  2. The Course will be conducted as per the dates mentioned. In case of a change of dates, Fees deposited will be utilized for new dates. In case the student is not able to attend the course on new dates and pre informs us within 7 days of the announcement the Fees (INR 5000/-) will be duly refunded to the student.

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