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Prof. Dr. V. B. Bhasin

When the World was trying to create walls to organize the system of Orthopedics in the 1990’s, Prof. Dr. V. B. Bhasin went on to Pioneer the Art of Arthroscopy of Joints in India. While the majority were still trying to understand the method, Sir took the scope of Indian Orthopedics into corners that were never heard of or seen before, in the last 25 years.

Decorated with Laurels and Badges on his Chest, he has been firmly emphasizing, that the foundation of any technique in Medical Science should be Biologically Strong and Technically Sound

He will always be remembered for his socially responsible approach and his service to Our Nation and the World!

With 38 years of experience, Prof. Dr. V. B. Bhasin specializes in ACL Reconstruction, Arthroscopy of the Knee, Shoulder, Ankle, and Wrist. He has received special training in Arthroscopic Surgery from Mass General Hospital, Boston, USA, and from a reputed Medical Institute in Germany. He is a skilled surgeon and his areas of interest include Joint Replacement Surgery, Arthroscopic Surgery, Orthopedic Trauma, Spine Surgery, correction of Congenital Bony Deformities, and Sports-Related Injuries. 

Over the years he has successfully performed many surgeries and is highly regarded by his patients. He has undergone many training programs, attended national conferences, and has multiple publications to his credit.

Career Achievement

>> Head of Department

He has been the HOD at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Delhi, India.

>> Arthroscopy Pioneer

He west on to Pioneer the art of arthroscopy of joints in India

>> ACL Reconstruction

With 38 years of experience, Dr.V.B Bhasin specializes in ACL Reconstruction

>> Renowned Publisher

Well-known Orthopedician. Has multiple publications to his credit.

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What Students Say

Prof. Dr. V. B. Bhasin sir way of teaching is so wonderful and refreshing. His lectures are really well explained. I always enjoy every bit of his lectures. I’m thrilled to have found his video lectures! 
Ortho Doctor
Abhinav Tripathi