Pediatric Trauma Course

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Pediatric Trauma Course

Pediatric trauma course

This online course provides the opportunity of a lifetime for students of Orthopedics to listen and learn about Pediatric trauma in detail from the great teachers who have been in this field for more than 40 years. However, Pediatric trauma is always a confusing part where the young Orthopedicians find it tough on making decisions regarding which case to treat conservatively and which one to operate. Moreover, This course on Orthopedic Pediatric Trauma will help you understand, learn and then execute each Pediatric fracture cases.


Pediatric Trauma Course Highlights

1. This Online Course is to be conducted by The Legends & Masters of Orthopedics

  •  Prof. Dr. Sudhir Kumar
  •  Prof. Dr. Anil Dhal 
  •  Prof. Dr. Shantharam Shetty 
  •  Prof. Dr. Gopa Kumar T S 
  •  Prof. Dr. V B Bhasin 
  •  Dr. Ravinder Dimri
  •  Prof. Dr. Ajith Kumar  

along with Experts & Specialists Team of Conceptual Orthopedics. 

2. Simple, crisp and concise yet comprehensive coverage of the entire gamut of Pediatric trauma.

3. All the high yield topics covered with extensive focus on the previous years’ frequently asked questions.

4. Special focus on recent advances topics

5 Detailed explanation about each pediatric fracture and injury

by the senior most faculty of conceptual Orthopaedics

6. Latest guidelines on how to manage a pediatric fractures

7. Proportionate time allotted for detailed discussion and doubts clearing session.

8. Easily accessible course at your finger tips

Why  Is Pediatrics Trauma Course So Important?
  • Children and adolescents present a unique challenge in trauma care because they are different from adults.
  • The risks to injured children and adolescents can be significantly reduced with the provision of appropriate care and timely intervention.
  • Many times several fractures are missed, because of lack of knowledge and the child later presents with deformity.
  • That causes, not just additional financial burden for patients but also a problem to treating Orthopaedician.

Who All Should Attend This Course:

This course is exclusively for Conceptual Orthopedics Premium Subscribers and is basically focused on the students of Orthopedics who are currently pursuing the post graduate residency or our budding practitioners who aim to be the Best. We at Conceptual do believe in our theme learning never ends and hence anyone can be benefited from this Pediatric ortho trauma course. We hence invite the entire Orthopedic fraternity to spare your time to attend, learn and improve your practice in the field of Orthopedic trauma.

Advantage of this course:

This course one can understand the epidemiology, fracture patterns, management of trauma in children and the most important when to operate and not operate in a paediatric feature case. In this course we have made each topic elaborate, precise as well as comprehensive so that the students can have a crisp idea on what to do when they attend a paediatric fracture case. This course shall aid in understanding the concepts of the paediatric trauma topics. Thus laying a strong foundation in each of the delegates to enable to tackle the exam questions with ease. And also serves as a guide to treat these injuries with adequate knowledge and confidence.

Topics That Will Be Covered in Pediatric Trauma Course

– General

1. Anatomy of physis and physeal injuries with classification

2. Incomplete fractures

3. Imaging in pediatric trauma

4.  Non-accidental injuries

5. Traumatic amputation (principles)

6. Physeal injuries and growth arrest
a. Shortening
b. Angular deformities and Growth modulation

7. Compartment syndrome and VIC

– Upper limb

1. Proximal and humeral shaft

2. Elbow – Distal humerus
a. Supracondylar humerus
b. Lateral condyle fracture
c. TRASH injuries
d. Others

3. Elbow – proximal proximal radius / ulna
a. Elbow dislocation/ Transphyseal Seperation
b. Radial head/neck fracture
c. Pulled elbow
d. Monteggia

4. Forearm shaft and distal radius
a. Casting (and indices)

– Spine injuries


– Lower limb

1. Proximal femur

2. Femur shaft and tibial shaft fractures
a. Cozen phenomenon

3. Knee injuries
a. Distal femur / Proximal Tibia Fractures
b. ACL Injuries (in adolescents)
c. Tibial spine fractures

4. Ankle
a. Triplane fracture
b. Tillaux fracture

5. Patella fractures
a. Patella sleeve injuries

6. Hand and foot injuries (including fingertip injuries)
a. Elbow examination of deformity post trauma

Moreover you want to know more about orthopedics courses you can also check out on our YouTube channel. In addition to theory courses you get the video lectures from the expert faculties.

How To Register For Pediatric Trauma Course

This Online course is exclusively for Conceptual Orthopedics Premium Subscribers.

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