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Conceptual Orthopedics 3. O<br><font size="4">Transforming Towards Excellence</font size>


Conceptual Orthopedics 3. O
Transforming Towards Excellence

We’re happy to share with you today we celebrate successful 2 years. In the last 2 years Conceptual Orthopedics has revolutionized the methodology and concepts of post graduate teaching to budding orthopedicians by not only training them to pass their examinations but also to inculcate the strength & vision to be sound Orthopedic Surgeons of tomorrow.

Orthopedics is a fast-developing specialty and is attracting many highly skilled residents. Concepts which we learn today will help us shape our tomorrow. Besides with new concepts of patient management being discovered every day, old concepts need to be revisited constantly. Hence daily updating and lifelong learning has become an integral part of the life of Orthopedic surgeons.

Orthopedic learning includes acquiring theory knowledge, mastering the art of clinical examination, learning surgical skills & latest techniques.

Keeping all this in mind, Conceptual Orthopedics 3. O aims to focus on building strong concepts, as passing any exam is the first step to success in the long career of any student.

We are happy to launch our fourth book  ‘The Orthopedic Theory Examination’ as theory exam is a part of most of the orthopaedic exams.

This book aims to teach students ‘how to answer exam questions in a brief and concise manner’ and attempt the theory exam confidently.

We are also introducing New Courses specially designed for Beginners – New First Year Residents
to learn the most basic aspects and principles of orthopedics management.
Residents find it difficult to follow the treatment regimens owing to discrepancy between what is followed in their institute and what is in the books. These courses will resolve the dilemmas and will also be an opportunity to discuss doubts and hold discussions with the Faculty at Conceptual Orthopedics

We at Conceptual Orthopedics strive to give the best academic training & guidance to transform budding surgeons towards excellence.
But the real success comes only when you are ready to work hard work with perseverance.

As the great Morpheus had once said to Neo – ‘I can only show you the path but you are the one who has to walk through it.’

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